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Wolfgang, a
leading pioneer with authentic passion, is not just a speaker; he's a life-changer who challenges, manipulates, and beguiles cognitive functioning, leaving audiences with practical, sustainable tools.

Transform your events with a true creative visionary and professor of hope who has enchanted audiences worldwide.

"When clients consistently tell me that the fun I have on stage rubs off onto them, I know I am following my true life path."


Wolfgang, a dreamer since childhood, envisioned a life as a magician and professional ice skater. Despite his teenage focus on tricks over school, destiny intervened during his role as 'Abracaban, the Wicked Magician' in Aladdin on Ice. A chance comment from a spectator set him on a path he couldn't have foreseen, when a young girl said to him,
“You do what people dream about doing.”

Against his parents' wishes for a university degree, Wolfgang pursued his entertainment dreams in Europe, facing challenges like sleeping at stations and competing in pub talent shows. British television beckoned, leading to a global journey as an magician and cruise director on ocean liners.

Amidst hosting dinners and earning degrees in Communication & Psychology, he ventured into expeditions in the Arctic & Antarctic.

Returning to Cape Town, Wolfgang's entrepreneurial spirit thrived, launching his own production company and television shows. Corporate executives soon sought his insights, blending magic tricks with key messages in a unique style that resonated with the business world.

Later in life he continued his academic studies with
Postgraduate degrees in business in Leading Innovation and Change, specialising in logical thinking and inspiration.

After a hugely successful global career in Europe, Wolfgang retired young and moved back to Cape Town. That lasted 1 year! His ‘triple A’ personality took over and he launched the
Institute of Magical Research (Pty) Ltd, exploring the use of prestidigitation as a medium for corporate communication, focusing on the EMEA English-speaking business market.

Today he still captivates audiences at company events with his blend of magic, logic, and inspiration. With a belief in 'practicing what you preach,' he emphasises becoming a
'go-giver' as you mature, evident in his vast YouTube channel 'inspiringtheworld - a specialist who truly 'walks his talk' and creates magical moments for all.


Wolfgang Riebe

If you want to change the world, be original.”

I'm a diverse entertainer weaving timeless magic, whisking audiences into a realm teeming with joy and dynamism. While I thrive in the corporate arena, mixing logic with emotional resonance, my dream is to create memorable magical moments.

Galas, awards, and special events are my playgrounds, where I infuse every moment with laughter, awe, and sheer wonder. My vision? A fantastical odyssey that guarantees rock-solid entertainment, brimming with laughter, gasps of amazement, and a sense of wonder that lasts a lifetime.


Wolfgang Riebe

You do what other people dream about doing.”

That audience feedback marked a turning point for me, crystallising what I've always felt: follow your heart's calling! I'm a stage artist, weaving dreams into reality and transporting audiences to fantastical realms.

As an entrepreneurial leader versed in management, I engineer magic for companies. My creed? Believe, and anything becomes possible. I'm driven by crafting unforgettable moments of wonder. And behind me stand my pillars of support: my cherished family and friends.


Wolfgang Riebe

The world is my playground.”

As a German raised in South Africa, my life has been a whirlwind across the globe, spanning Hollywood to Singapore, and from the Arctic to the Antarctic. I've strolled among penguins in the icy expanse, weathered hurricanes in the Atlantic, dived into the Cayman fault, and trekked the vast Greenland ice cap.

From entertaining the remote community of Tristan De Cunha to dazzling audiences on the world's most prestigious cruise liners, my passion ignites with adventure, diverse cultures, languages, and extraordinary phenomena.



You will have noticed that there is no ‘showcasing’ on this website, Wolfgang is a 'Doe'er' and not a 'Talker' and truly follows his passion and a perfect example of a man that 'walks his talk'. He is a loner and does not compare himself to others within his industry. In South Africa he has been an inspiration and mentor to most of the professional magicians and many of the speakers in that country. He is intensely ethical and firmly believes in practicing what he preaches - for those of you that find importance in awards and achievement, below are a few milestones in Wolfgang’s life. More importantly, you will find that Wolfgang has also 'given back' to the industry, which may well be one of the reasons for his many successes.

2024 - 35 Year Iconic international track record

2024 - Multi published author with over 1 Million copies sold world-wide.

2024 - 27 Magic Books published & 21 Business/Motivational books published

- Out of retirement… Director of Institute of Magical Research (Pty) Ltd.

2023 - Establishment of The Magic Manor, a manor of magic for magicians world-wide with one of the most incredible views in the world. The exclusive luxury manor includes a theatre, library, Harry Potter room, magical bar, apartments and is completely themed around magic and magicians.

- Retirement.

2021 - Lifetime Achievement Award - first ever award of its kind in the SA magic scene bestowed on Wolfgang for his lifetime contribution to the art of magic internationally. Awarded by the President of the Cape Magic Circle at the first ever SA Virtual National Magic convention in Aug 2021.

2020 – Honorary membership to, Club Des Magicians de Genève’ bestowed on Wolfgang in September 2020 for his lifetime contribution to magic.

2020 – Over 1000+ self produced videos on his YouTube channel, inspiringtheworld shared free throughout the world with videos added every week.

2019 – 15 Million+ views on You Tube.

2018 – Over 150 000+ international students on his online udemy.com e-learning courses.

Wolfgang Riebe	www.wolfgangriebe.com

2015 – TEDx speaker: Discover Your Magic.

2015 – Founder of the PSASA Million Rand Table at the April Convention in Cape Town.

2015Masters degree in Business in Leading Innovation and Change

2014 – Opening and owner of Africa’s FIRST close-up magic boutique 5-star conference venue in Cape Town, The Magic Manor.

2013 – FIRST African magician to have original effects published in Vanish – the newest international magic magazine.

2012 /13 & 14 Exclusive member of the German Speakers Association ‘One Million Dollar Table’.

2012 – Awarded the CSP (Certified Speaking Professional) designation by the National Speakers Association of America and the Global Speakers Federation in Indianapolis USA. Awarded to less than 800 professional speakers globally and seen as the doctorate of the speaking profession.

2010 – Voted as one of the Top 100 Speakers in Europe by Speakers Excellence.

2009 – 2011 The FIRST and only consecutive 2-term National President of the Professional Speakers Association of SA. First speaker to combine magic with messaging in the corporate conference market globally since 2000.

2007 Television personality with the most viewership and TV shows of any magician ever in Africa. Holding the title of the most successful magician in the history of the African continent to date with over 200+ TV shows.

2006 - Next prime time 60 min Illusion series, Master Magician Wolfgang Riebe on Saturday nights on SABC2. Highest budget magic TV series ever shot in Africa.

2004/5 - Second 13 part season prime-time TV series, Abracadabra on Saturday nights on SABC2.

- First 13 part season prime-time TV series, Abracadabra on Saturday nights on SABC2.

2000 - 2003 - Begining of South African TV career on various popular programs with over 165 TV appearances and numerous series on Craz-e on ETV.

2001 – Produced the world’s FIRST magic music video.

2000 - Published 1st Best- Selling Book

2000Ph.D in Communication

1999 – FIRST African magician to be contracted to perform & lecture at the Magic Castle in Hollywood followed be repeat appearances in later years.

1996 – Awarded lifetime honorary membership to the Indian Magician’s Academy

1996Masters in Communication

1994 - 1995 - Published his first magazine The Magician for South African magicians.

1993BA in Communication & Psychology

1992 – FIRST African magician to be honoured with cover story on the UK’s Abra magic magazine with a triple triad of original effects.

1990 – Launch of topic specific world FIRST teach-in videos for magicians world-wide.

1990 - FIRST South African magician to appear regularly on BBC, LWT & HTV.

1989 - FIRST South African magician
to work in London's West End and Leeds City Variety Hall.

 - FIRST South African magician to perform and lecture at the London Magic Circle.

1983 - Gold Medalist ice Figure Skater - various shows on ice as principle skater & magician

- Launch of Presto Magic Studio

1976 – 1988 – 12 Years of original contributions the the UK magic magazine, Magigram.

Wolfgang Riebe	www.wolfgangriebe.com
Wolfgang Riebe	www.wolfgangriebe.com
Wolfgang Riebe	www.wolfgangriebe.com

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