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Live Audiences 1M+, You Tube 7,5M+, Students Online 45K+, Countries 150+, TV Shows 100+, Books 25+



Wolfgang Riebe
Corporate Entertainment
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Imagine, if you can… a powerful inspirational speaker coupled with an unbelievable illusionist, and add in a humorist!
Blend this into a professional corporate environment - and you have the original Enter-Trainer/Mind Shift Master,
Wolfgang Riebe who will assist your organisation through strategic insight and creative excellence to actualise targeted messages in purposeful, relevant and unforgettable ways!

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It's almost impossible to describe Wolfgang in one word... a pioneer, an originator, a leader who is authentic, passionate, an academic, intensely ethical, funny, deeply insightful, a 'mensch'... are all true, yet none paint the full picture of the power and the magic he creates when he walks onto the platform.
A true creative visionary and ‘doctor’ of hope, Wolfgang has achieved huge international acclaim, by ‘creating magic moments’ for millions of people.

In brief…

achieved international acclaim as a comedy magician, travelling the globe on the world's top cruise liners, appearing in leading theatres and starring in numerous of his own prime time TV series. At the same time he completed his studies, wrote books and took part in expeditions in the Arctic & Antarctic. Wolfgang lived in the moment and experienced life 100%. At the age of 35, after achieving all his dreams, he decided it was time to give back and share his true life experiences with the world through keynote speeches that he cleverly combined with tricks to reinforce his messages. Today, at 51 he has become an iconic figure in the speaking and entertainment industry, having entertained and inspired over 1 million people live. Annex this with a variety of dramatic life experiences, successful business ventures and academic achievements, and you have the originator of the unique all-in-one conference package.


Iconic 25 Year global track record

Appearances in over 150 Countries

Over 7,5 Million views on You Tube

40 000 & growing daily… international students registered to his e-learning courses

Multiple & best selling author

Postgrad academic

TV personality with many prime-time shows

First & only concurrent 2-term National President of the Professional Speakers Association SA

TEDx Speaker

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People say, "You are only as good as your last performance!" Others, give reviews that are outdated... some even fabricate endorsements! Wolfgang’s reviews are updated monthly! Below are a few examples of what satisfied multi-nationals have to say. Click here for current, as well as the last14 years of solid reviews!

ABI Bottling - subsidiary of Coca Cola: “A huge thank you for your contribution to the success of our event…  words such as – your message hit home - …  I wish I could spend more time with him as I could learn so much …   and off course – where did the red balloon go to?

BioPharma Conference: Middle East & Africa: Tenerife: “Your presence was remarkable and added a lot to us. Everyone was extremely happy about the skill that they had acquired believing that there are many more internal hidden skills they need to discover! (Check out video of spontaneous boat session here)

Udemy online e-learning: “What a WOW! One of the best courses I have taken on Udemy so far.”

Global Asset Management: “Der Abend war ein riesen Erfolg. Sollten wir mal wiederholen.”

Pioneer Foods: “I respect your craft so much and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the incredible talk you gave to the team.”

Geberit: Simply Swiss: “First of all I want to say THANK YOU!!!! The event was a huge success and all the planning went extremely well.  We have had so much positive feedback! Lots of raves for you and how you kept the audience captivated.”

SPAR: "A true professional is a pleasure to watch. I got as much pleasure from meeting u again.

Rennies Travel: "Es hat Riesen Spass gemacht und wir haben am nächsten Tag bei dem Workshop noch über Deine Witze gelacht. Meine Leute und auch die Suppliers waren sehr begeistert. Vielen herzlichen Dank und bis denn."

British Airways: SLOW Lounge: "The part I enjoyed most, was how you could share with us your real life experiences, which meant more than any speaker could ever deliver, as well as what a real person you are. Thank you."

Shell Oil: “Een en almal het dit vreeslik geniet!"

Sanlam: "Dankie vir jou aandeel in ons suksesvolle dag.  Jou praatjie het die hele dag gemaak. Dankie dat ons altyd op jou kan staatmaak en dankie ook vir die boeke geskenk."

SAB Miller: "Wolfgang, once again you provided us with the most fantastic combination of humour, magic, and a bit of philosophy as well.

Toastmasters International Conference: “ I don't know how you do it, you packed so much fun, wisdom, advice and warmth into the time you spoke to us. I also want to pass on the thanks of the Toastmasters who attended, and to tell you that your speech was the highlight.”

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Wolfgang travels globally, wherever your event may be.

From a 1 hour presentation to whole day events, to hosting entire conferences!

Wolfgang travels world-wide to make your next event successful.

For bookings and/or a free no obligation quotation please contact our offices on: 0027 (0) 82 357 4446 or email