30 Years of performing Magic as a profession in over 165 countries. This is a compilation of all Wolfgang’s magic books, magic magazine articles, tips and ideas across the entire magical spectrum.

A huge collection of original, practical and commercial tricks for all magicians. It's such a thick book, Amazon could only just manage to print a 500 page massive 8.25" x 11* Hard Cover version!

5 STAR rating in the Vanish Magic Magazine!

This is a
MUST HAVE for your magic library and a publication that will become part of your ‘favourite book’ list.

You WILL find, not one, but many tricks you WILL include in your shows. This book
includes many YouTube video links so that you can see many of the tricks performed live, plus links to explanation videos too.

Chapters include: Close-Up, Mentalism, Stage & Parlour Magic, Children’s Magic, Cards, The Theory Behind What We Do, Your Own Touring Shows, Comedy Patter Presentations and so much more!

One of the most complete works on the art of magic ever.

Unique Feature: Links to numerous Teach-In and Online Videos



"This book is a MASSIVE 512 pages filled with so much material that it would take an entire magazine to list them all and go in to detail.
Wolfgang has over 30 years of performing magic behind him and this compilation is of all of his magic books and magic magazine contributions. It is now in its fourth print, as of 2021, and covers every aspect of magic from children's magic, cards, close-up, mentalism, comedy to stage.

Wolfgang is somebody I consider a 'worker' which means he's been in the business a long time and done it all. With this comes years of experience and in this book you will also find valuable information on marketing and touring shows. Another BIG feature of this are the links to numerous Teach-In and Online Videos.

In one of my favorite chapters called, "The Theory Behind What We Do," Wolfgang has practical advice on everything from developing yourself as a magician, originality, organizing your magic props, designing an act with a specific theme to patter, music, dress, and so much more. The material in here is pure GOLD for anybody who wants to perform magic. I honestly don't think I've read a book that covers as much material as he does!!

If you've ever wanted to tour your own show, either a large full illusion show or a smaller intimate stand-up show then you need to read his thoughts on Your Own Touring Show. This chapter covers it all from Market Research, Planning the show, transport, backdrops, advertising, booking the venue and even how to make extra cash at interval.

At the back of the book you will find links to a lot of different videos including TV appearances, A Masterclass, Street TV Specials, and Magic Teach-In Videos.

There is an interesting part in the Stage-Magic section called Ultimate Perspex Sawing In Half. here Wolfgang shares a video he had back in 1980 where he thinks he was the very first to come up with this clear sawing-in-half illusion. I'm not aware of the facts behind this illusion but he does have video of it from all those years ago. He also shares his perspex sub- trunk that he designed in 1986 that was filmed on TV. The reason I include these two illusions in the review is to show you that Wolfgang has the material to back up his claims. He is obviously a person who thinks outside the box and at times way ahead of the times.

I've selected a few tricks to talk about in this review because as I said, there are too many to share in a review.

In the kids section I like his Passe Passe Cola Bottles. What is cool here is the twist on the classic trick. He uses Cola bottles and has a really funny twist on the routine where a person drinks the cola without him knowing and they end up being filled again. This is great routine for kids I can see this playing in all situations but especially if you have an assistant.

If you like book-tests then he has a really novel book-test in here which uses a number of books. The method here is super clever and he has various ways to produce the thought of word. He also has a Confabulation routine that uses a method I've not seen before - this I LOVE! In this version he has created an instant reset which makes it far more practical than the original.

Another favorite are his variations on the now classic Bandanna/Banana routine. I really like his thinking on this one.

This book is filled with SO much material that it is one of those books you will need to keep by your bedside and read each night. It covers every aspect of magic and his ideas are practical and obviously come from years of experience. This is not a book filled with ideas but routines that come from his working repertoire.

The ideas, tips and thoughts shared are priceless, he even goes through the steps of setting up your personal theatre!! Wolfgang has been there and done it all. I doubt there is a gig he hasn't done and all those years of experience shine through in this book.

If you don't want the hard copy then get the download and it will be the best $29.00 you have ever spent on magic!!"

Rating: 5 STARS!

Paul Romhany: VANISH No 90 – January 2022


"Running to 750 7” x 10” pages, this magic book, which is available in soft back or as a pdf download, features the life’s work of international professional magician Wolfgang Riebe. As a globe trotting performer, Wolfgang has worked everything from children’s shows in his early days through to cruise ships and prestigious corporate events, as well as had his own touring illusion show and his own custom built performance venue. He has also performed on his own TV specials as well as appeared regularly on other TV programmes. In short, he has pretty much done it all!

The Complete Works is a revised and updated version of the book which was originally published in 2011 by Martin Breese. The latest revision was done in 2017, and this current edition is the 3rd printing of that update. It contains over 120 effects as well as details of loads of visual gags, comedy props, patter lines, theory articles and more.

The range of magic it covers is comprehensive to say the least! There are chapters on card magic, general close up, children’s party magic, mentalism and stage magic, the latter section even detailing three illusions. If you can’t find several things to use from this line up, quite frankly you are impossible to please.

One defining factor of the material and advice in this book is that it is clearly coming from someone with huge commercial experience. Almost without exception, Wolfgang’s methods are at worst super practical, and at best really easy to do.
He has taken many classic effects and fine tuned them to suit his particular needs and presentational style. As a comedy entertainer he needs straightforward magic that lends itself to comedy, and this is evident repeatedly here.

Things to be aware of. The vast majority of the material in this book was devised and originally used in the 1980s and 1990s. As such, while classics such as The Torn and Restored Newspaper or the Razor Blades have a place here, you will not find modern plots or contemporary material. Similarly, the comedy patter, lines and scripts that are provided, suit Wolfgang’s personality and readers need to be aware of what will suit them and what may not. Taking the provided scripts and slavishly using them is not Wolfgang’s intention for you, but rather he wants you to cherry pick and mould the patter to yourself.

Of the five main trick chapters, I thought the kid show one and the mentalism section were particularly useful. I also liked the lengthy articles contained in The Theory Of What We Do chapter, as this covered in detail so many aspects of our art that surround the actual magic. He talks about the practicalities of having magic in your life, how to put together a show, what to wear, how to advertise yourself and deal with the ensuing enquiries and so much more. If you are new to commercial magic there is much of value to learn from this section.

At the price asked, this book is tremendous value. Even though some of the material is at times a little dated, the advice sections are more up to date and relevant, and the sheer volume of information and magic on offer makes this a fascinating and useful read. When an experienced full time pro speaks, it pays to listen, and in this book Wolfgang shares a huge amount of magic and wisdom with you. 

WHAT’S HOT: the sheer volume of effects covering such a diverse range of magic, coupled with good sections of advice.
WHAT’S NOT: some of the magic is a little dated, and the patter and gags would need to be sifted to find the gems that will work for you today."

Rating: 85%

Mark Leveridge: MAGICSEEN Vol 16. No 6 – January 2021


“Wow… Complete Works is a Knockout,!!! Well done… This will keep me busy for a long time ?? From South Africa’s most travelled and experienced magician… A must have book covering all spheres of magic and experience at your fingertips.”

Robin Boltman: SA’s Hero Magician!

“I have been in the business for over 30 years and performed and lectured with the world’s top magicians. When it comes to reading and informing myself on magic, I have read hundreds of books. The Complete Works does not just contain commercial and ‘real-life’ tricks and routines, but a life story of a true man that walks his talk and done it all. Every magician needs to have this book in his/her collection!”

Love Melander: Sweden


“If you don’t know Wolfgang Riebe, you will after this. This is more than a book. This is 750 pages of “PureMagic” from the moment you pick it up. Wolfgang really lives up to his statement ” I have always believed in giving and sharing” and oh boy is he giving and sharing with this gem. From Kid’s Parties to Close-Up. From Mentalism to Stage. From Patter to Theory, this is really the “Complete Works” and the kitchen sink.”

Piet Steyn: Vice President Cape Magician’s Circle:


“A very interactive, practical and brilliant book! I average 45 shows a month and use much of the material…. Tested!?

Regardt Laubscher: Cape Town’s Rock Star Magician


“It is very exciting for me to review Wolfgang Riebe’s book The Complete Works as the Society has now purchased this book for its library. I am of the view that every member of the Society will find something of interest and value in this book as it covers a variety of aspects relating to the art of magic!”

Neil Hazell: The South African Magical Society


“Wolfgang is a highly successful magician who has achieved his fame and wealth through hard work and dedication. The Complete Works is a culmination of his efforts. This book, written in his distinctive conversational style, reflects the innovative ideas that have gone on in his head for more than 30 years. No matter if you are a close-up, stage, mentalist or children’s magician, you will find gems in this treasure trove for your act. This 750 page veritable encyclopaedia is stuffed, from cover to cover, with practical magic and useable ideas. It even has chapters on patter and marketing. This is not the type of book to gather dust on a bookshelf. It is more likely to become dog-eared from continuous use. Whatever you pay for this book, you will be getting a bargain. I highly recommend this exceptional collection of magic nuggets to the international magic fraternity.”

Wayne Abrahamse: President: Cape Magicians Circle, Past President: Cape Order of Magicians, Founder President: South African Magic Council


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Wolfgang is a 'best-selling' and multi author. He began contributing original tricks back in the late 70's in the Magigram magzaine publish by Supreme in the UK. Over the years he has shared non-stop and today offers an array of magic books with practical, usable and commercially tried and tested routines and information.

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