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Live Audiences 1M+, You Tube 9M+, Students Online 45K+, Countries 150+, TV Shows 100+, Books 45+



A funny Magical Emcee, Link Man or Program Director that keeps the audience awake and enthralled. yet keeps the focus of the event at hand! Roadshows, Symposiums, Gala Evenings, Conferences, and Strategic Planning Sessions. The magic occurs every time Wolfgang is on stage where he successfully mixes information and entertainment. He ensures variety and stimulates the delegates minds so that their focus and attention is where you want it to be. Every insert throughout the event will relate to the next speaker or theme.

Whether at your next annual conference, strategic planning session, gala evening, roadshow, product launch, incentive holiday or on a luxury cruise liner, Wolfgang promises to deliver and incredible night of comedy and magic.

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What is the difference between Wolfgang and most other magicians out there?
Wolfgang performs because its his passion! He has achieved his dreams, and has a
verifiable track record.

How do you define success in an entertainer?
In property it's all about one focal issue… location, location, location!
In the entertainment, speaking & training it's about 3 focal issues…
Experience Authenticity Walking the Talk!

Here are a few FACTS (not website sensationalism and marketing hype… but FACTS)
Wolfgang has...

28 Years global experience!
appeared in over 150 countries!
was one of (if not) the first acts ever to offer an unconditional money back guarantee!
is the most successful magician in the history of the entire Africa continent, and arguably one of the top corporate magicians in the world! He can be considered a 'professor' in his field with hundreds of articles written for many of the most established magical publications in the USA and England.
is the originator of the '3-in-1' concept Speaker/MC & Entertainer - all based on experiences and walking the talk. Today there are entertainers out there copying his concept that don't have the experience, or background to do so - be warned!
author of over 25 books in the comedy and magic field.
has worked the world's best 6 star plus cruise liners for many years.
is one of a 'select' group of entertainers globally who can claim to have had numerous of his own prime-time TV series.
is the FIRST and one of a handful of magicians to have received over 7 million views on a magic You Tube video.
lectured and shared his successes with the London Magic Circle, Hollywood’s Academy of Magic Arts and performed regularly at the Magic Castle. For 13 years he was the first and only South African magician contracted by The Magical Academy of Arts in Hollywood.
a client review list that is updated monthly and goes back for 15 years… with names and dates of clients! There is a proven track record!
is one of less than 10% of professional speakers world-wide to hold the Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) title awarded by the National Speakers Association in the USA in 2012.

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"Thanks for being a great MC and for your help in making the conference and dinner a great success." GMSA Body Repairer Conference

“A BIG thank you to and the team for contributing to the successful Convention we had in Mozambique last weekend and for all the help and hard work this year. We have had nothing but excellent praise from all the members and network partners. You did Balltron and the Team proud once again. See you soon.” Balltron

Thank you so much for attending our Dare to Dream Concert and helping make it the resounding success that it was. Especially for being an amazing MC on Monday Night. You really did go the extra mile and, honestly, did add magic (excuse the pun)  to the evening!! The wonderful part of this journey, is the incredible people I can now call friends !!Care Career Connection Benefit Dinner

“It was a real treat to meet you and thank you very much for controlling the time allocated so well and entertaining the staff so completely. One of the comments I heard is that this was the best conference ever. We will definitely stay in touch with you as you are a true entertainer that really connected with the group.” Ackermans

"Thanks so much Wolfgang, it was great having you with us."you." BMW

A pre-event meeting can be scheduled live or via skype

FLUENT English, Afrikaans & German, or even a combination of all 3!

Download the one page PDF on Wolfgang's Master of Ceremony (236kb) here.

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