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Live Audiences 1M+, You Tube 9M+, Students Online 45K+, Countries 150+, TV Shows 100+, Books 45+


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It's almost impossible to describe Wolfgang in one word... a pioneer, an originator, a leader who is authentic, passionate, an academic, intensely ethical, funny, deeply insightful, a 'mensch'... are all true, yet none paint the full picture of the power and the magic he creates when he walks onto the platform. A true creative visionary and ‘professor’ of magic, Wolfgang has achieved huge international acclaim, by ‘creating magic moments’ for millions of people, not only as a magician, but as an inspirational keynote speaker as well.

In brief…

He has travelled the globe appearing at leading industry conferences and on the world's top cruise liners, appeared in leading theaters and starred in numerous of his own prime time TV series. Wolfgang completed his postgrad studies, wrote books and took part in expeditions in the Arctic & Antarctic, living in the moment and experiencing life 100%. After achieving all his dreams, he decided it was time to give back and share his magical life experiences with the world through keynote speeches that he cleverly combined with tricks to reinforce his messages. Today he is an iconic figure in the speaking and entertainment industry.



Iconic 28 Year global track record

Appearances in over 150 Countries

Constantly rated ‘All Time Favorite’ at events.

Over 9 Million views on You Tube

TV personality with many prime-time shows

Highest speaking award (CSP) NSA America in 2012

Most successful magician in the history of the African continent

Multiple & best selling author

World's top Cruise Liners book him repeatedly since 1990!

Mentor and role model for many upcoming speakers & magicians

Hollywood Magic Castle appearances

Main platform speaker at 2 Global Speakers Summits

Owner of The Magic Manor

Verifiable Track record and a man that walks his talk.

Industry leader with over 45 000 students online

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BEEN THERE DONE THAT. If you need surgery, who would you rather have operate on you? A specialist with years of experience and thousands of successful operations behind their name, or a 'Jack-of-all-trades' with no track record? From speaking around a camp fire with 4x4 headlamps as spotlights in the Kruger National Park to entertaining in the Arctic on pack ice to appearing as star of numerous of his own prime-time TV series - Wolfgang's track record says it all.

POWER & PRESENCE. When he stands on stage people stop and listen! He moves audiences. Repeatedly client feedback includes that delegates are bowled over by his authentic and likable presence.

FAIRLY PRICED: This industry has a plethora of self important people who charge astronomical fees. Often clients look at Wolfgang's track record and imagine he is one of them! Give him a call - you may be pleasantly surprised. Furthermore he stands behind his product and always strives to deliver more than promised.

WOLFGANG'S PHILOSOPHY OF LIFE: I love what I do, my passion has resulted in a life of exceptional experiences. Today I still do what I do because I of my love of helping and entertaining others. As a youngster I was known as a ‘Go-Getter’, today I have become a “Go-Giver’.

INDUSTRY ICON: His dad always taught him that being respected is more important than being liked. Therefore honesty and reliability are paramount everything that he does. He may not be liked by some in the industry, but he is highly respected. Here's why… Wolfgang was a naval officer and at the same time completed his undergraduate studies majoring in communication. He then decided to follow his dream and pursue a career as an illusionist. He reached the top of his career as performer, originator and author, coupled with appearances in London's West End and Vegas Style production shows on the world's leading cruise liners, plus many prime-time TV series and celebrity success. That alone is more than most entertainers could ever dream of achieving!

Being an inspired and driven individual he then decided to share his
magic (life experiences) and become an inspirational keynote speaker. Within a few years he was the first national 2-term president of the Professional Speakers Association of SA and in 2012 the National Speakers Association of America awarded him the prestigious CSP title (Certified Speaking Professional) designation held by less that 800 professional speakers in the world and considered to be the doctorate of the speaking industry. Couple this with best selling books and global appearances on corporate platforms he again reached the top of this industry. In 2015 at age 51 he completed a postgraduate dissertation on Leading Innovation & Change at York St John University in the UK and today continues his research and studies while constantly innovating and originating for the corporate market. He has, and still lectures at universities nationally, inspiring final year students like never before!

Clients are constantly in awe at Wolfgang's constant growth and capacity to change with the times. If anything he is a forerunner in strategic thinking and one of the most copied speakers in terms of concepts and ideas, yet he remains a leader in his field.

He remains a
unique individual who walks his talk, never gives up, always focuses on creating moments of magic and understands that possibilities exist all around us - all we need to do is understand how to communicate strategically in order to make it all happen.

Creating magical moments through strategic communication and thereby changing the world, one presentation at a time.


To effect positive change, shift mindsets and create magic through authentic, entertaining and insightful keynotes and performances for organisations and individuals world-wide on a daily basis, either live, or through the use of audio visual mediums.


Wolfgang believes in treating his clients with respect and faith. He has grown his business through creativity, original invention and innovation. Honesty, integrity and business ethics are integrated into all aspects of his business functioning.


Wolfgang followed his dream of becoming a consultant corporate illusionist in the late 1980‘s in London, designing shows and presentations for conferences, symposiums, product launches, TV, road shows and events. Coupled with appearances on the world’s top cruise liners, Broadway & Vegas style production shows and contracts globally, he soon became a leader in this niche market.

A German, brought up in South Africa in the apartheid era, now living in London seeking fame and fortune... it wasn't easy! He started his career with nothing, sleeping on Euston & Victoria stations and living from hand to mouth. It took 2 years of believing in himself before things started to change. A break on BBC television on Bruce Forsyth’s Generation Game coupled with unique marketing tactics soon landed him work on the world's top cruise liners as a headline act, including Princess’ cruises’ Love Boat, Crystal, Cunard, Radisson and Hapag Lloyd.

Being an entrepreneur and always seeking growth, he eventually became a cruise director, and expedition leader which resulted in experiences such as,
walking with the Penguins in the Antarctic, exploring the Bermuda Triangle, sailing force 12 hurricanes in the Atlantic and surviving running aground near the North Pole, plus appearances in Hollywood. At the same time he continued writing books and completed his postgrad studies.

12 Years of traveling the world, Wolfgang and his wife decided to settle back in Cape Town and start a family. Here they lost everything they had earned due to fraudulent building contractors and basically had to start all over again.

Being an acutely aware entrepreneur, Wolfgang sought opportunities from all around, learning everything he could about the building industry and re-launching his entertainment career on national television. 5 Years later he and his wife lived in their dream home (which they had built brick for brick), Wolfgang had built up his TV persona and starred in many of his own prime-time
TV series, becoming the most successful magician in the entire history of the African continent. A title which he still holds today!

In early 2000 his focus started shifting to the corporate market where he began strategically designing
presentations for company launches and roadshows globally. Soon his client list read like the ‘Who’s Who’ of the world's top 500 Global Blue Chip companies with a life spent on planes flying around the globe.

It was his clients that became fascinated with his life story and suggested he start speaking and training corporate delegates at conventions and company events on positive thinking and believing in yourself. Thus he launched various business ventures, including establishing his own international Institute, offering training courses world-wide, as well as a Television Company, specializing in Corporate Training -
Riebe Film & TV Productions.

Soon it was time to move on and give back to humanity. Today, Wolfgang is a global citizen, offering Keynotes & Training, wherever he is needed - here’s the difference though:

He offers no ‘quick fix ra-ra sessions’. Neither is he a ‘personality’ who has the gift of the gab, read some
motivational books, and now claims to be an expert on the subject.

However, he shares personal life experiences as a self made business man, practical life skills, and laughter from incredible wisdom gained over a life-time of living a unique life. Hence his incredible authentic presence and sincere ability to connect with everyone in an audience. His No. 1 bestseller, ‘
Discover Your Magic’, is in it's 8th printing and numerous other titles have followed since.

Over the years appearing as unique speaker/consultant and entertainer for companies, Wolfgang noticed and increase in complexity in systems and policies within companies. In 2014 he then decided to start studying again and completed a new dissertation through York St John University questioning whether complexity thinking inhibits innovation amongst multi national companies. This has resulted in a powerful new keynote and book launched in 2016. Currently he is working on a new Ph.D thesis entitled, ‘Prestidigitation as a Triptych to Corporate Communication' where he intends not only producing an academic paper, but also developing a unique training system to be licensed world-wide.

It's not about him, but
YOU and YOUR company. He places your requirements No.1 and tailors his presentations around YOUR company needs - reframing your present thinking in order to positively influence every aspect of your life!

He is a
Strategic Interpersonal Communication Specialist & Mind Shift Master who exposes the magic of possibilities for you and your company!